Analytics & Business Intelligence

Clinical Statistical design and analysis are key elements of any clinical trial. Establishing a sound data analysis plan during the clinical trial design stage will result in optimal study design and high quality data at study completion. Comprehensive statistical input during the early stages of a clinical development program can decrease overall costs and accelerate timelines. In addition, well formulated statistical plans can improve the quality of all regulatory submissions. Allphase remains current in all of the latest statistical techniques in the literature as well as those accepted by the regulatory agencies. Our clinical statisticians bring expertise and insight in not only study design, but also development of complex statistical analysis plans using analytical algorithms. The experience allows us to understand the requirements of our clients' studies and to design statistically rigorous plans for each project. Our team has continued to assist our clients to navigate through the complex areas of study design, sample size determinations, stratification methods, interim analysis options, final analysis methods, as well as data presentation, simulation, and interpretations.

Whether you require our services as an integral part of a full clinical development program, or as a stand alone consulting service, our clinical statisticians, Analytics Programmers, and Consultants can make significant contributions to your drug development needs.

Advanced Technology to Benefit Participants, Investigator and Sponsors

In early development research, rapid decision-making is essential, making access to real-time data critical to success. Agile prides itself on being a leading-edge provider of the most advanced technology for early development research and use advanced technology analytical tools for clinical data analysis.

The implementation of the iView system makes such real-time data access simple and reliable for clients, with a Web-based interface that provides study conduct, as well as obtain trial results in real time. Such capabilities allow for even more rapid sponsor review and input, particularly in the case of dose escalation and first-in-human trials.